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                    Welcome to the private website of Andreas Heinen. Thank's for visiting!

I have started to collect here some photos of my journeys during vacation or other short trips. Bizarre landscapes, vulcanos, fjords, glaciers, geothermal areas, mountains are most appealing to me. Photography is not only a passion for itself to me, it also allows me to store memories from intense visual moments in nature. I will thus gradually digitalize and upload photos from beautiful Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Hawaii, New Mexico, Acores ... Let's see what comes next ;-)

Some time ago I have also started to do drawings and paintings. My currently preferred technique is mostly charchoal on sketch, rough watercolor or ingres paper. I am still practicing, so many drawings take quite some time (the larger ones up to 20h each) but allow me to extensively relax while still being concentrated on tonal values.


New stuff:
1) Premilinary collection of photos from a recent trip to Iceland's highland.
2) Charcoal drawing of St. Pauls Cathedral in London.                    
3) Preliminary collection of photos from a very recent trip to Western USA (California, Nevada, Arizona).                    


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